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August 3, 2008 makes the transition

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Bruce of who has been a registered ebay seller since March 1998 has completed his move off of the ebay platform and on to his own website  His last ebay transaction was completed on July 30th, 2008.

emovieposter leaves ebay with well over 75,000 transactions under his belt, and a 100% positive rating on his feedback profile.

Bruce very openly states to his fellow Powersellers in a post on the private message board for Powersellers,  “With the latest changes, I feel that eBay wants sellers to provide the highest quality items, honestly described, supersonic delivery, top-of-the-line packaging, educated customer service that accomodates the absolute most unreasonable buyers, AND also bargain basement prices with free or next-to-free shipping!

HELLO! IT SIMPLY CAN’T BE DONE. They are reinventing the wheel, this time in a square shape, and they are surprised they are getting a bumpy ride.

Isn’t it odd and telling that the eBay company in no way treats its sellers remotely like it demands its sellers their customers?

Let any of the eBay top brass spend one month trying to run an eBay business even close to the way they are commanding sellers to, and if any of them can do it and come remotely close to breaking even, I will publicly apologize to all of them (but I am not holding my breath waiting).

I am sorry for being so negative, but the inmates are truly in charge of the asylum. I am 100% certain these latest initiatives are doomed to failure, without many radical modifications.

I am working on an essay telling exactly why I am leaving eBay completely after selling 320,000 items in ten years for over 13 million dollars, and I will post it here when I complete it, but I believe the above is the short answer for why so many other sellers are leaving.

I feel that eBay “left” me, with their endless regulations that have taken almost all the fun out of eBay for both buyers and sellers. In my next reincarnation, I am offering all my bidders lots of offers that make buying at auction fun again, and I also give personalized customer service that eBay refuses to even consider”.

The Ebay Rag Mag congradulates Bruce and wishes him much success in his new venture.


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