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August 3, 2008

Possible Upcoming Policy Revision: Feedback

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Feedback Removal Policy:  Unpaid Item Disputes

Currently, if a non-paying bidder leaves negative feedback after responding to an unpaid item dispute which is opened by the seller,  the feedback can possibly be removed if the response is not directly related to the seller’s performance, however, several sellers are experiencing problems getting this type of feedback removed from their profiles.

For example:  A seller opens an UnPaid Item dispute.  The bidder responds to the dispute that he no longer wants the item.  Accepting this as the final response from the buyer, the seller closes the Unpaid item dispute which in turns leaves the offending bidder with a strike against his account.

The bidder, not liking the fact the he recieved a strike against his account, leaves and undeserved negative comment on that sellers’ feedback profile.

According to the current Ebay policy this type of retaliatory feedback should be removed from the sellers feedback profile, unfortunately, sellers are saying that Ebay has not been complying with their new policy and has been making their sellers jump through hoops to get them to honor their policies, only to be left out in the cold by the Feedback Removal department.

Michael Smith,  Ebays’ Office of The President, Feedback Specialist, states that this policy will be revisited on Mondays (August 4, 2008) weekly policy meeting.

Feedback Removal Policy:  Buyers Who Violate Ebay Policy

As it stands,  there is no provision in the current Feedback Removal Policy to protect seller reputation in the event that a bidder to place a bid to prevent a sale, to block a sale, to harrass a seller or to wage an attack on the seller feedback profile. 

This is a loophole that malicious bidders are using as a way to punish a seller for unfounded reasons i.e. competitor interference, past transactions gone bad, interpersonal disputes, etc.

Michael Smith,  Ebays’ Office of The President, Feedback Specialist, states that this loophole will be introduced on Mondays (August 4, 2008) weekly policy meeting.


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