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August 12, 2008

Can’t Find It on Ebay

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The scenario:  A buyer types one or two keywords in the ebay search box in hopes to find their treasure, unfotunately for the buyer eBay is using the infamous Finding technology, a.k.a Best Match, to sort listings and determine which listings are duplicates. If Best Match thinks it found a duplicate – then the item disappears into a void because only one unique item per seller is allowed… thus not allowing the buyer to choose which item to buy, but telling the buyer which item to buy.

The Best Match technology has disadvantaged ebays best sellers while giving an unfair advantage to many of its poorest sellers since its inception.  How is it that ebay can use this program site wide when they know that it is not working?  How do we know that ebay is aware that this new search technology isn’t working?  Because sellers are complaining that they are paying sky high fees for services they havent recieved, and buyers are complaining that the search results appear jumbled and they are tired of trying to navigate through it, and ebay keeps claiming to fix it!

Meanwhile, Amazon is experiencing their highest growth rate since their site was erected.


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