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August 12, 2008

Detailed Seller Rating Averages Incorrect

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In an all systems announcement dated August 11, 2008 ebay posts to it’s members that the Seller Dashboard will be unavailable to it’s sellers due to glitches and errors in calculations, a fact that sellers were aware of for several months.  During those months unworthy sellers were receiving an unfair advantage in the search engine placement of their widgets while “good” sellers were being punished.

Ebay claims to have disabled the Best Match search engine feature while the Dashboard was made unavailable and the problem was being addressed, however, editors at The Ebay Rag Mag found this to be untrue.  In fact, the same injustices in the search engine were not disabled and continued to remain unchanged during the entire outage.  Added to the problem, the number of items beings displayed as available for bidding activity is significantly lower than the number of items claimed to be on eBay.

Noted on the Powersellers private message board, sellers are noticing that the Detailed Seller Rating calculations continue to be incorrect and the Best Match search engine placement injustices continue even after ebay claims to have corrected it.  Several sellers have contacted ebay live support via chat, e-mail and telephone only to be brushed off by ebay management

Ebays Official Announcement:  From Thursday 8/7 through Saturday 8/9, 30-day DSR averages were incorrect. As a result, we temporarily removed the Seller Dashboard so the incorrect information was not displayed. The problem has been resolved – the 30-day DSR averages are now displaying correctly, all feedback has been recalculated, and we have restored the Seller Dashboard.

On Saturday, we also removed the trust factors (DSRs; buyer satisfaction rating; and shipping cost, including free shipping) from the Best Match algorithm so sellers were not promoted or demoted unfairly. This will remain in place for the rest of the week (at least) so items listed during this time will continue to be weighted equally with other items until they end naturally. Additionally, PowerSeller discounts will be based on the corrected DSR scores, so no seller will lose his or her discount as a result of this issue. It was paramount to us that our sellers were not harmed by this technical problem.

Finally, and just as importantly, we want to thank our Community for your patience during this issue. We apologize for the frustration and confusion this caused you, and are grateful for your support.


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