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August 16, 2008

Another Below Par Ebayer Bites The Dust

trendy*kidz has been a registered seller on eBay since April 6, 2003 and has undergone nine user name changes since registering on eBay, averaging two name changes per year. 

Terenzy*kidz is a United States based business that has been utilizing eBay to sell her products to Europeans.  Products sold ranged anywhere from childrens’ hats to childrens’ bedding to a wide range of child size clothing.

On July 20, 2008 eBay decided it was time to pull in the reigns on Terenzy*kids and began monitoring this businesses selling practices due to a number of complaints from buyers who have been receiving items that are significantly not as described in the auction description or not receiving their merchandise at all.   

On August 14, 2008 eBay finally pulled the plug.   While the name remains unchanged and still appears as currently registered, you may not be seeing any new listing from this seller for quite some time.

The owner of the business, who recently posted to the ebay message boards, claims that she is a single mother and has been using her eBay income to support herself and her child.   She expressed concern over her ability to support herself and her child following eBays’ actions but in the same breathe admits that she had been previously given a 30 day warning by eBay to either clean up her business practices or to lose her selling privaleges on ebay.   Although she can provide no proof that she heeded the warnings she insisted on requesting that her fellow sellers provide moral support. 

Instead of moral support, what she received were several questions from her fellow sellers demanding explainations for the reasons behind her lack of ability to clean up her act when she had been given a full month to do so.  Common consensus was that there is much more to this story that can be seen by the naked eye, and perhaps the selling practices of the eBayer are significantly worse than first anticipated.

It is a great day for eBay when a “bad seller” is taken down, leaving more room for growth for the sellers who have buckled down and have embraced eBay’s new “enhanced buying experience” policies and continue to keep eBay a safe and more friendly place for trade.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress of this story and inform you of any new developments.  As it now stands, this “bad seller” is off eBay indefinitely.


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