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August 23, 2008

Checks and Money Orders will no longer be accepted – you have to be kidding

An eBay seller with a shooting star feedback of over 18,000 and has been registered with eBay since April 2001 writes: 

“Granted – about 10% of our buyers use them these days.
But gee whiz – thanks Ebay for taking those customers away Ebay.
Now this really sucks. It sucks big time!
Didn’t this noble attempt fail in Australia?”

The overall reception of eBays new policy is not favorable by it’s sellers:

And from what I’m reading Paypal will take 3.1% of your sales up to $3000.00.

Lets see, FVF 15% + PP 3.1% + listing fees =s eBay GREED!

On top of this the punishments are insane.

4.0, 4.1, 4.2 are all “REASONABLE” DSRs but once again eBay doesn’t understand words and says that they will ban you from listing for 30 days.

The small claim courts will be getting FULL!

OH, should I mention the searches THAT DO NOT SEARCH.

We must now kiss all the buyers that only pay by check or MO goodbye.



What should I do if a buyer demands to pay with checks or money orders?

Send them your address, and tell them that eBay can get stuffed.

What should I do if I have long-standing, repeat customers who insist on paying with checks or money orders, even after I explain the benefits of electronic payments and offer suggestions?

Remind them that there might be 80 million other merchants on eBay, but you’ll always be happy to accept their payment in whatever form is most convenient to them.”


“In my main category, and I’d assume other collectibles categories are the same, a significant percentage of buyers still prefer to pay by check or money order. This change WILL cost eBay, (and we as sellers), buyers, and many of these buyers are high ticket purchasers.”


“Are there any categories excluded from these payment requirements?

Vehicles (Motors), capital equipment (Business & Industrial), Mature Audiences and Real Estate will be excluded from the new payment requirements.

Specifically, the following categories will be excluded:

Motors > Cars & Trucks
Motors > Motorcycles
Motors > Powersports
Motors > Boats
Motors > Other Vehicles & Trailers
Business & Industrial > Agriculture & Forestry > Tractors & Farm Machinery
Business & Industrial > Construction > Heavy Equipment, Trailers
Business & Industrial > Food Service & Retail > Concession Trailers & Carts
Business & Industrial > Healthcare, Lab & Life Science > Imaging & Aesthetics Equipment
Business & Industrial > Industrial Supply, MRO > Fork Lifts & Other Lifts
Business & Industrial > Manufacturing & Metalworking > Manufacturing Equipment
Business & Industrial > Manufacturing & Metalworking > Metalworking Equipment
Business & Industrial > Office, Printing & Shipping > Commercial Printing Presses
Real Estate
Everything Else > Mature Audiences”  (Point for our readers:  PayPal does not accept payment from adult sites or any web payment made for mature audiences.  The rest is pretty obvious.)


“I find eBay’s rationale for this change rather suspect:

Today, items paid with check or money order are 80% more likely to result in an item not received (INR) than those paid with credit card or PayPal. Also, buyers who pay with check or money order are 50% more likely to leave negative feedback than those who pay with electronic methods. So starting in late October, 2008, we are moving to 100% electronic payments – credit cards, ProPay, or PayPal.

I tend to find that buyers sending checks or money orders are much MORE committed to the purchase and most of them pay by check/money order because they specifically mention that they don’t like, or refuse to use, PayPal.

So I’m sure it will work to condescendingly pat the buyers on the head and tell them that they just don’t realize how amazingly safe Paypal is, and that eBay knows best. Uh huh.”


Today, items paid with check or money order are 80% more likely to result in an item not received (INR) than those paid with credit card or PayPal. Also, buyers who pay with check or money order are 50% more likely to leave negative feedback than those who pay with electronic methods.

This is an excellent example of playing with statistics to justify a change. Percentages tell us nothing when raw data is missing. Out of millions of transactions, what is really happening? An increase from 1% to 1.8% would be 80%, but is still insignifcant relative to total volume.”


“The majority of my buyers are older retired folks who are collectors of antiques. MANY don’t trust online payment in any form, and I don’t blame them. AND they shouldn’t have to be “trained” to do it whether they like it or not.

Looks like for us it will be ‘business as usual’ until January, 2009. I’ll take the payment options out of my listings for the rest of this year (starting October) but I’m not making any major changes until I have to – and between now and then, will be doing some thinking on whether it may be time to do something else with all this glass.”

“This change REALLY bothers me.
I sell collectibles/unique and I’d say about 20% of my customers pay with paper.

I can understand wanting more Paypal fees but this is a slap at
sellers AND buyers.
Some of my customers do not trust or aren’t computer savy enough to go through Paypals hoops.
What right does ebay have to tell me what form of payment to accept?
Especially when they narrow it down to the point that Paypal is pretty much the only choice.

Maybe this is the red herring on these newest changes?
Everyone says not fair/focuses on this, then ebay reverts to previous rules (similar to the nuets as neg … while no one paid attention about raised FVF).

I know …. thats really cynical of me …….”


opened it up to more non-electronic payment methods

LOL, what other non-electronic payment methods are there besides cash, check and MO? Barter, IOU’s and bearer bonds?

This is probably the change that I find most offensive out of all the changes in the past eight years I’ve sold here.

I’m sure eBay has its reasons, but I don’t think it actually benefits the buyer experience to limit their options.

I am deeply suspicious that their statitics are deliberately out of context and are being inappropriately used to make site wide changes (even though they are exempting the most problematic category Mature Audiences).

items paid with check or money order are 80% more likely to result in an item not received (INR) than those paid with credit card or PayPal. Also, buyers who pay with check or money order are 50% more likely to leave negative feedback than those who pay with electronic methods.


The above quotes are only from the first page.  Currently there are six pages and a total of 300 similar responses to the thread.  We also note that this thread is very active and continues to grow at a very rapid rate.



  1. Yes, I madder than Hades! Listen, I do a lot of non-ebay online shopping and guess what? They don’t accept PayPal as a payment option. Know why? Because these vendors do not have any tolerance for buyer remorse! I’ve lost money selling on ebay because PayPal ruled in favor of the buyer. Not because I had an inferior product but because the buyer decided he/she just did not want it for whatever reason.
    So, this can happen and does happen. Someone pays you with PayPal. They get the item, decide they don’t want it, and they will file an item not as described via PayPal making it look like you the seller is at fault. PayPal puts a hold on your PayPal account until the dispute is resolved. Well, what happens in most cases, the person sends the item back (not always in the same condition as YOU sent it) and you have to give them a full refund including Shipping/Handling despite what your policies say. If you don’t give the money back, PayPal will swipe it out of your bank account. SOMEBODY PLEASE DO SOMETHING!

    Comment by Rebecca — August 24, 2008 @ 12:53 pm | Reply

  2. Isn’t this technically a monopoly, like what AT&T was before the government split them up?

    Think about it…eBay has fees for the auction, but PayPal, an eBay company, also has fees for payments received. Now eBay doesn’t tell you this when you make an account, or when you post an auction, but now PayPal is the only way you can pay.

    I think this is extortion, because that is technically a hidden fee. It is unavoidable now.

    Comment by Alex — August 24, 2008 @ 7:44 pm | Reply

  3. Ebays new policy is crazy. I have been selling antiques for 20 years it is a CASH business only the overpriced retail dealers take credit cards …..I”m headed back to antique shows………

    Comment by genevieve — August 25, 2008 @ 1:31 pm | Reply

  4. Several people are fed up with PayPal…..

    Comment by Brandon Crotts — August 27, 2008 @ 11:14 pm | Reply

  5. You will still be able to take checks and money order if the buyer requests it. I am not sticking up for ebay.

    Comment by chipmary1 — September 4, 2008 @ 2:58 am | Reply

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