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August 23, 2008

The Brand New Improved Ebay Logo has been unveiled – AMAZING!!!!

Note:  This is sarcasm and not the new logo.

This logo was brought to you by a shooting star powerseller with over 22,100 feedback and has been registered on ebay since Febuary 1999.

The reponse of the powerseller logo has been agreement:

“LOL – maybe you could also drape a bath towel off the end of the “Y” – Motley Fool had an article today entitled eBay Throws in the Towel …”


“I think it should be a fork in the letter U.
as in FORK U….”


Followed by a new logo:

The poster of this logo has over 8500 feedbacks recieved and has been registered with eBay since March 1999.  “Here is what I think the new logo should be!”


“omg hilarious… stick a fork in ‘er…she’s done”

Followed by yet another new logo:

–artfully created by a powerseller with over 4000 feedback recieved and registered on ebay since May 1997.

Additional possible new logo’s for eBay included the ebay logo with a fork being rasted over a fire, Mr Donahoe (eBays new CEO) pictured in front of an evil castle and a fallen, broken down eBay sign, photos of the eBay logo on a sinking Titanic, the fallen Zepplin, a category five hurricane named Donahoe getting ready to pummel the gulf coast and one large enough to pummel the entire United States and they continue to add up in the growing thread.


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