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September 1, 2008

eBay Clothing Sellers Ban Together For Hurricanes

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In an eBay community message board thread located in the category of Clothing, Shoes and Accessories entitled “Hurricane Buddies.. Sign in here!”, clothing sellers from all parts of the United States have banded together to lend a helping cyberhand to those affected by the hurricanes. 

The author of the thread writes, “For those that haven’t been on eBay for a hurricane season yet, the premise behind the “Hurricane Buddy” is to keep an eye on each others’ ending auctions & contact the winning bidders just in case they are not aware that their seller is in a Hurricane zone… in the event that the seller can not get to a computer“.

Participants of the buddy system thread are posting hurricane and tropical storm updates along with the use of visual aids such as updated maps of storm tracks and photos of affected communities.

The buddy system appears to be restricted to only the clothing sellers which leads us here at eBay’s Rag Mag why sellers from other categories are not showing such unity.  The clothing sellers are known for their outrageous battles and power struggles among stay at home moms, yet they were able to put those battles aside where it really counts.  An example that sellers from other categories may consider following in the future.


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