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September 1, 2008

What is with the attitude lately?

An eBay Powerseller with a feedback number of 2787 and has been a registered member on eBay since March 15, 2001 writes:

“Is it just my luck? or have you been getting “attitude” from customers? It seems lately they don’t ask any questions, but start out with a demand/belittle or just plain un-civil (off course not all, but what happened to the occasional moron?).   I try to be polite and accommodating (swallow my pride), but one of these days the glass will be full.”

General consensus throughout the thread seem to be agreeable to the idea that since the new feedback policy has been introduced, buyers as a whole are tending to be generally rude, and increasingly insulting and demanding.

One seller suggests, “I think it just results from the current state of the world wherein everything you need to do is a fight and battle, from dealing with your credit card company, your bank, your cell phone bill, or any thing to do with the government, or a return to any major retail store, no one seems to be able to provide efficient courteous customer service any more. People are becoming so accustomed to every little thing being a war, that they are just cocked and primed for it from the get go. ”  and another seller insight-fully adds his observation of the newly of age American culture as a whole, ” think manners disappeared – so even nice people have learned to be pushy to get by.”

We’re not going to respond to that with the usual, “that’s the result of the politicians, parents and unruly students and teachers that created the  dumming of America scenario is it?”  We see no problem with our delinquent and illiterate society.  No problems to be addressed here!


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