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September 7, 2008

Big Changes Coming for eBay Discussion Forums?

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An eBay powerseller with a feedback rating of 7355 and has been registered since December 1999 writes:

“I have a very loose connection with a low level eBay employee. Without getting too specific, it’s basically a roommate of a shoe string relative. A third cousin who lives out in California.

Anyway, I was talking to my Cuz on the phone during my brief vacation from the PS forum about some of the rancor that occurs on the boards. His roommate overheard part of the conversation and wanted to talk to me.

The roommate got on the phone said there are some big changes in the works for the discussion boards.

One of which is that eBay wants to get to a point where they don’t have to moderate the boards as closely. The other is that some of the higher ups think all the negative chatter that goes on is not good for eBay so they are going to limit it.

To accomplish this they are going eliminate many of the non specific “chat” boards and introduce a grading system similar to DSR scores.

The other is that they are going to limit “on topic” posts to technical and “how to” topics and disallow the rants that we’ve all come to love. Both on and off topic posts will be sorted differently than they are now. You will have to check a box indicating an on or off topic when starting a thread.

It’s still being hammered out but how I understood it is that all posters will have an opportunity to grade a thread topic on a 1 thru 5 star system.. the question will be something like.. was this topic helpful and or relevent?

Topics that score the highest will float to the top, similar to best match. Off topics will always be under “on topics” but they’ll be options to sort things to your choosing.. meaning you can click.. show me only off topics, then sub sorts, show me off topics with he most posts, etc etc. Like I said, it’s still being worked out.

The other interesting change is that our responses to “on topic” posts will be graded. This sounds a little complicated but it really isn’t. Before your post shows up in the forum, the Original Poster has to grade it. It’s going to be a 2 or 3 part deal. Two for sure… IE,

1) Is the response relevent? 2) Is the reponse courteous and respectful?

eBay will keep score similar to DSR ratings only they will be blind (you or others won’t see your rating). Too low of a rating and you will be not allowed to respond to on topic threads. They’ll be an appeal process but not a very sympathetic one.

This is being done to keep the tone of the on topic threads civil and to ferret out posters who are habitually snarky and unhelpful. It’s also makes the threads self moderated freeing up eBay employees for other things.

Off topic threads topics won’t be graded nor will the posts be graded. eBay plans to recruit some floating moderaters who are long time eBay members in good standing and don’t have a record of being reported. They’ll be compensated in some way that hasn’t been worked out yet.

They’ll still be a report button on the non topic posts, but the report will generate an email to an assigned moderator rather than to an eBay employee. The assigned moderator will send bulk type reports to an eBay moderator.

There’s more. I wish I would have written some of it it down. I even called the person back and asked more questions.

Is this all really going to happen? I’m not sure. My disclaimer is that I’ve been off my meds, it might have all been a dream, I sometimes have an overwhelming urge to tell a gigantic fib. Time will tell the tale. Or has it been told?”

It is the eBay Rags Mags’ opinion that with all of in the infighting among sellers, all of the brutal and cut throat competitive tactics between sellers and all of the nastiness that occurs behind the scenes that buyers are not aware of,  this is just another platform for abuse.   eBay sellers can now get their competition thrown off eBay for disagreeing with a post that no matter how relevent and helpful it is.

Way to go eBay!


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  1. Boy, JD and his crew of maniacs just can’t get off the DSR control and best match kick. Trouble is, ebay has lost so many sellers that you’ll find most of the ones hanging around on the boards bad-mouthing ebay aren’t even listing anything there. They’re listing elsewhere….so…go for it Ebay, pull the plug and save the electricity – you’re going to need that money in the very near future 😉

    Comment by Patricia013 — September 7, 2008 @ 9:42 pm | Reply

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