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September 7, 2008

What the heck is wrong with DSRs?

An eBay powerseller with a feedback rating of 1207 and has been a registered member since November 1998 writes:

“What is going on yesterday and today? I get my discount, luckily. All of the sudden my shipping and handling charges are actually up to a 4.7 for the first time ever and today my stars are slammed, lower than Ebay on 3 out of 4. Anyone else notice this? Something is wrong.”

General consensus of the responders appear to be in full agreement that due to lack of transparency eBay is manipulating the Detailed Seller Ratings feature. 

In a public press release for stock holders in the very recent past, Mr Donahoe was quoted as saying the discounts given to powersellers who consistently perform well are hurting eBays’ bottom line and it was not a well thought out policy to offer discounts to those sellers.   Sever powersellers have been posting obvious manipulations with the DSR system with a flood of complaints reguarding false failed policies, major jumps in drops of calculated totals especially around the time when invoices are being calculated, and numerous disadvantages with item visibility as a result of incorrectly calculated DSR and dashboard tabulations.

I myself, this author have also seen a major manipulation within the DSR system having gone from 5.0’s and 4.9’s down to 4.5’s and 4.6’s in a matter of seconds.  It is a travesty that eBays lack of consistency and abuses of their own systems are not being monitored by the feds as they should be.  This site effects millions of people world wide and has the postentional to do to eBay sellers what ENRON did to investors.  

Within minutes of the original post, 60 ebay powersellers had responded that they also are experiencing questionable DSR scores and rankings.


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