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October 2, 2008

Burbank Sportscards to Launch 30 Million Listings to eBay

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By: Ina Steiner
Tue Sept 30 2008 030:27:55
Burbank Sportscards has 884,862 listings on eBay and plans to launch its entire 30 million-card inventory. While that exceeds’s inventory of 739,473 listings on eBay, there is a major difference: Burbank Sportscards cards are in Store inventory format, meaning its cards only show up on Store searches or at the bottom of core search results.

It is also cheaper to list in Stores versus the core platform. However, eBay cut a special deal with, whom many suspect pays no listing fees for its fixed-price inventory on core.

According to Burbank Sportscards’ About Me page, it has an inventory of 35 million cards, of which 1.2 million are unique. “Our goal over the course of 2008 is to bring our staggering inventory to this EBAY store and delight collectors the world over with the very best possible selection of singles that fit with the unique style of your collection. And we’re going to offer this selection with the best possible shipping and handling deals anywhere.”

Burbank Sportscards uses Beckett Channel Integration (BCI), “a multi-channel inventory management tool that allows users to keep track of products across their Beckett Marketplace, eBay store and in-store Kiosk.”

Sellers in the sports card category may be wondering if Burbank Sportscards will become eligible for Diamond-level PowerSeller status, which would allow it to negotiate fees one-on-one with eBay for listing on the core platform. If so, expect a major disruption in the category similar to what happened when flooded certain core categories.


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