The Ebay Rag Mag

October 12, 2008

China Invades eBay with Counterfeits AGAIN!

On the front end EBay is increasing it’s restriction of sellers in the number of legitimate name brand items that can be listed on eBay U.S. due to the high risk of law suit by copyright owners while at the back end there is a growing number of China based sellers flying under eBay’s, “anti-counterfeit incentive” radar.   

China based counterfeit merchandise sellers are manipulating eBay’s new Best Match search tool with specific keywords and product names that slip through eBay’s anti-counterfeit program without detection but are easily found by conducting a basic human search.   The search manipulation is blatant when the product names being used are not registered members of the Vero program and other times it’s not so blatant when used with the term, “genuine”. 

EBay sellers are reporting the auctions through the report this auction  link located on the bottom of the auctions only to have the reports ignored.   They are becoming more vocal in their complaints of eBay’s failure to remove the offending auctions from it’s site and are questioning the competence of eBay’s trust and safety department.   Many are even asking for the removal of Mr Donahoe from his office.

The lack of synergy and consistency on eBay have many sellers asking where is this road leading us?  The luring big box retailers to replace the small home based sellers, the push to replace the auction format with an immediate purchase platform, increased back end fees for sellers who are not qualified under the Diamond level seller program aka the big box retailers, the failed Best Match search tool, the failed anti-counterfeit incentive program and the acquisition of Bill Me Later is making eBay a volatile ground which is fueling the growth of competing venues and the creation of new, smaller venues.

As the changing balance of global financial power shifts more and more to China why is it that eBay executives have such little respect for the basic considerations of it’s American seller base?


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