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August 3, 2008

greenteapass – No Longer A Registered User

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greenteapass ( 10250) Not a registered user

Registered as an Ebay user on September 11, 2006,  Jin Won Seo, also known as Greenteapass is known for his gorilla buying tactics on Ebay.  This account is well known across Ebay for buying with the intent to ask for partial or full refunds after the merchandise has been delivered in mint condition or by using PayPal to charge back purchases on the inexperienced seller that does not know enought to use tracking, delivery confirmation or signed receipts for shipments.

Greenteapass is a Korean company with a California based proxy  who has a large customer base in Asia .  His business model is to make purchases from American sellers on Ebay and resell them to his Asian clients.  The more he is able to rip off his victims, the higher is income becomes.

As of June 6, 2008 to the sound of Ebay sellers everywhere sighing with relief, Greenteapass is no longer a registered user, but don’t let your guard down yet!  It is rumored that Greenteapass is still making fraudelent purchases on Ebay under a drove of new buying I.D.’s which are yet to be discovered, and lets not forget the several older buying I.D.’s:

greenteapass, cocoapass, geopass, geoctober and rarepass are all associated with the business alliance found on

“About Us:

“Recently, most of people are buying the goods on the Web and many people are attempting to purchase goods online across borders. They experience first-hand the frustration that accompanies the inability to get an all-inclusive guaranteed quote, dependable shipment tracking and related customer care functions combined with reliable delivery.

“ is the premier global e-commerce enabler. By bringing the U.S. e-commerce experience to Korean Customers, we allow the customers in korea to make reliable and secure purchases from any supported U.S. web site. offers a simple, cost-efficient, and fun buying experience for korean consumers.

“After a thorough market test and positive response from the general public, was launched on May 2002. ”

“Our Service

“ bridges the gap between customers in korea and the US online shopping community by providing the Korean customers with access to the U.S. retail Web sites. Most online stores either do not ship internationally or do not guarantee the price, availability, or security of international orders. gives Korean customers the freedom of shopping online and the U.S. vendors the business expansion into the international markets with the following features!”


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