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August 3, 2008

Users WELCOME eBay Ban on Identical Items

An article written on August 2, 2008 entitled, Users Protest eBay Ban on Identical Items by Ina Steiner of Auctionbytes claims “There are many parts of the policy that sellers criticize”.

As an ebay insider, I can confirm that this article is false.  If Ina Steiner believes that the sellers are going to protest the fact that ebay has now leveled the playing field by disallowing the flooding of Ebays’ search engines with identical items then she really is out of touch!

The truth: Ina Steiner recieved a single e-mail from ebay seller edenart whose selfish concern is that he is no longer able to take advantage of a loophole that allows unscrupulous sellers to flood their competiton out of the market by making one single item appear hundreds of times on a single page thus removing the visiblity of the competitors’ similar or identical items.

Shortly after e-mailing Ina Steiner, edenart posted a message on the private ebay powerseller board to voice his displeasure and met with great resistence to his opinions by his peers.  One of the biggest points of opposition is that when a seller floods ebay with identical items,  it forces the price of the item down, and if the seller who is doing the flooding has terrible feedback it makes for a terrible buying experience.  Ebay buyers want the option of being able to choose from different sellers.  If the only listings they can find are being offered by one bad seller, this gives the buyer every reason to give up and go elsewhere.

Sellers on the whole are CELEBRATING this new policy, especially the mid-size and smaller seller who have a very difficult time competitng under a blanket of a larger sellers’ marketing ploy.

In the world view of Ebay there are actually very few sellers who have enough inventory to flood ebays’ pages with identical products and there are thousands of sellers who are not in agreement with Ina’s article and do in fact welcome the new,  level playing field without the slightest glimmer of protest.

The real protest?  ”
I, like many other Ebay store members had items on my ebay store that were listed with a Buy-It-Now price of $.99. At some point Ebay decided that the lowest price I was allowed to sell my items for was $1.00. So Ebay simply stopped listing my 1300 items in my store but continued to bill me for listing these 1300 items in the store. When I asked for a refund Ebay refused to give me a refund even though the customer service rep acknowledged that I had been charged for somthing I did not recieve. As is defined by the Department of Justice this is “FRAUD. ”

An ebay spokesperson responds to the problem by stating it is a, “glitch”, however,  No seller has confirmed that they have recieved a refund at this time.


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