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September 28, 2008

I ran into Kirsten of the other day and decided it’s time to start featuring exemplary eBay sellers.  I can think of no better eBay seller to start with.

Kaydeecouture.c got her start on eBay in December of 2003 and became a Gold level powerseller within the first three months of offering her preowned designer clothing on eBay.   She is one of the most well known and most successful of eBays’ clothing sellers. 

I am inspired by leaders.  Leaders know it is risky to speak up, to lead by example, to support a new idea, to follow a dream, to step out of the box and utilize ones creativity to stand above the crowd.   Yes it can be risky, but it will always be rewarding.  No one knows this better than Kirsten of who amid the disaster of the October 2007 wildfires stepped up to the plate and donated her unsold inventory, collected thousands of pounds of clothing from local businesses and private homeowners,  and shipped them to the victims of the Southern California fires.   She also offered free personal shopping services for any victim that made the request, no questions asked.

Kirsten’s generosity became known to the media and a private e-mail which she sent in response to appeals for assistance was featured on CNN Headline News and is still being featured on

This was not done for publicity it was a genuine offer which came from empathy for those who lose so much to natural disaster.    Kirsten, a victim of natural disaster herself,  was forced to relocate to West Palm Beach, Florida from Ft Lauderdale after losing her condo following the one-two punch of Hurricanes Katrina and Wilma and understands, “how traumatic these events can be”.   Although it was not her intent to be recognized for her efforts she admits that she was pleasantly surprised by the positive attention it brought her business.   Unfortunately, she never got to enjoy the benefit of all of the positive publicity because shortly after her own life would take a horrific turn.

Kirsten suffered a great loss, a personal tragedy, and while she was preoccupied with her grief, several of her eBay competitors took advantage of the situation and maliciously destroyed her eBay feedback profile by making small purchases and leaving undeserved negative feedback in an effort to sabotage their competition.  It is not known if they actually knew of the turmoil Kirsten was dealing with.  It is known that it was done as a result of the CNN news report.

That’s eBay for you!  eBay claims to want to rid itself of, “bad sellers” yet this type of competitive underhandedness seems to be on the rise.

It breaks my heart to know that such a good person, such an admirable woman could be blindsided like this and it makes me think twice about who I will make my purchases from in the future.

Kirsten aka kaydeecouture.c has been selling quietly under the newly created eBay ID for the last year Piquant_couture and says she we begin selling on her original account again in December after all of the negatives have dropped out of the equation.

There is so much more to this story but out of respect I will not go into detail.  Most of us already know of the personal tragedies that Kirsten has had to overcome.  We admire you, support you and encourage you to continue to succeed.  Congratulations on getting your (off eBay) site back up and running again.  We wish you the best of luck and hope everything you touch will be as wonderful and as awe inspiring as you are. 



August 23, 2008

Top 25 eBay Sellers Ranked by Feedback

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casacaiman ( 371307)  Not a registered user recieved their last feedback in August of 2007 so we here at The eBay Rag Mag are wondering how this seller figures in to the equation of being the number 19 seller in the “top 25 seller” list.

glacierbaydvd ( 358326)  Not a registered user recieved their last feedback in Febuary 2006 so we here at the eBay Rag Mag are wondering how this seller figures in to the equation of being the number 21 seller in the “top 25 seller” list.

It is our opinion that just as feedback is removed from an eBay users’ profile (when it benefits eBay) when a peer goes unregistered, these dummy powerseller accounts should be removed from the equation as well, especially since both of these sellers were removed from eBay for non-performance.

August 16, 2008

Another Below Par Ebayer Bites The Dust

trendy*kidz has been a registered seller on eBay since April 6, 2003 and has undergone nine user name changes since registering on eBay, averaging two name changes per year. 

Terenzy*kidz is a United States based business that has been utilizing eBay to sell her products to Europeans.  Products sold ranged anywhere from childrens’ hats to childrens’ bedding to a wide range of child size clothing.

On July 20, 2008 eBay decided it was time to pull in the reigns on Terenzy*kids and began monitoring this businesses selling practices due to a number of complaints from buyers who have been receiving items that are significantly not as described in the auction description or not receiving their merchandise at all.   

On August 14, 2008 eBay finally pulled the plug.   While the name remains unchanged and still appears as currently registered, you may not be seeing any new listing from this seller for quite some time.

The owner of the business, who recently posted to the ebay message boards, claims that she is a single mother and has been using her eBay income to support herself and her child.   She expressed concern over her ability to support herself and her child following eBays’ actions but in the same breathe admits that she had been previously given a 30 day warning by eBay to either clean up her business practices or to lose her selling privaleges on ebay.   Although she can provide no proof that she heeded the warnings she insisted on requesting that her fellow sellers provide moral support. 

Instead of moral support, what she received were several questions from her fellow sellers demanding explainations for the reasons behind her lack of ability to clean up her act when she had been given a full month to do so.  Common consensus was that there is much more to this story that can be seen by the naked eye, and perhaps the selling practices of the eBayer are significantly worse than first anticipated.

It is a great day for eBay when a “bad seller” is taken down, leaving more room for growth for the sellers who have buckled down and have embraced eBay’s new “enhanced buying experience” policies and continue to keep eBay a safe and more friendly place for trade.

We’ll keep an eye on the progress of this story and inform you of any new developments.  As it now stands, this “bad seller” is off eBay indefinitely.

August 5, 2008

Beachbiker24, aka PalmBeachClothes


beachbiker24  caught stealing from his local thrift. 

Beachbiker24 is an ebay powerseller who has been registered since July 27, 2006 and opened his ebay store Palm Beach Clothes in January 2008.


Recently Andrew Bonett (aka Beachbiker24) of Lakeworth, Florida was arrested for theft after having been caught in the act of dumpster diving in the back of his local GoodWill thrift store.  Mr Bonett declined an interview but states that he was looking for his girlfriend at the time the police were notified of the burglary in progress.   Mr Bonetts’ official statement is that he thought perhaps she was playing hide and seek with him.

When asked why the couple was playing hide and seek at a location 30 miles from their home, and why they were playing this game on gated private property, our e-mail box was met with the mailer daemon and approximately 1000 spam e-mails from several free e-zine web sites requesting that we verify our subscriptions.

August 3, 2008 makes the transition

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Bruce of who has been a registered ebay seller since March 1998 has completed his move off of the ebay platform and on to his own website  His last ebay transaction was completed on July 30th, 2008.

emovieposter leaves ebay with well over 75,000 transactions under his belt, and a 100% positive rating on his feedback profile.

Bruce very openly states to his fellow Powersellers in a post on the private message board for Powersellers,  “With the latest changes, I feel that eBay wants sellers to provide the highest quality items, honestly described, supersonic delivery, top-of-the-line packaging, educated customer service that accomodates the absolute most unreasonable buyers, AND also bargain basement prices with free or next-to-free shipping!

HELLO! IT SIMPLY CAN’T BE DONE. They are reinventing the wheel, this time in a square shape, and they are surprised they are getting a bumpy ride.

Isn’t it odd and telling that the eBay company in no way treats its sellers remotely like it demands its sellers their customers?

Let any of the eBay top brass spend one month trying to run an eBay business even close to the way they are commanding sellers to, and if any of them can do it and come remotely close to breaking even, I will publicly apologize to all of them (but I am not holding my breath waiting).

I am sorry for being so negative, but the inmates are truly in charge of the asylum. I am 100% certain these latest initiatives are doomed to failure, without many radical modifications.

I am working on an essay telling exactly why I am leaving eBay completely after selling 320,000 items in ten years for over 13 million dollars, and I will post it here when I complete it, but I believe the above is the short answer for why so many other sellers are leaving.

I feel that eBay “left” me, with their endless regulations that have taken almost all the fun out of eBay for both buyers and sellers. In my next reincarnation, I am offering all my bidders lots of offers that make buying at auction fun again, and I also give personalized customer service that eBay refuses to even consider”.

The Ebay Rag Mag congradulates Bruce and wishes him much success in his new venture.

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