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September 7, 2008

Paypal Dispute Scam Coming From China

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Item Not Received dispute for the payment you sent to hot stuff enterprise on Mar 5, 2008 (Transaction 221-775-854-221-775-854) is now open.

By opening a dispute, you are communicating with the BUYER, not PayPal , about this problem transaction. We will email you when your BUYER posts a response in the Resolution Center.

Use the link bellow learn more about PayPal’s dispute resolution process . (NEVER NEVER EVER CLICK ON ANY LINKS!)

Click here Resolve this Dispute and avoid funds deduction (THE LINK IS DEAD!)

Transaction Details

Seller’s Name: XXX XXXXX (Ok it appears I am the seller again)
Seller’s Transaction ID: 7DP17654GX785445X221-775-854
Transaction Date: Mar 5, 2008
Transaction Amount: -$1,291.98 USD (WOW thats a lot of money)
Your Transaction ID: 9S418577AD872064T221-775-854
Case Number: PP-449-619-671221-775-854

Buyer’s Transaction ID: 9S418577AD872064T221-775-854
Deadline: SEPTEMBER 08 , 2008

On SEPTEMBER 08 , 2008, this dispute will automatically close and funds ($1,291.98 USD ) will be deducted from your account . By escalating to a claim, you are asking PayPal to review the case and decide the outcome.(They gave me 1 whole day to respond to this or they will yank $1300 from my account!)

This is the last warning. A closed dispute cannot be reopened or escalated to a PayPal claim.(OOOOOHHHHH big scare tactic THE LAST WARNING!)

Thank you,


Please do not reply to this email. This mailbox is not monitored and you will not receive a response. For assistance, Click here (THE LINK IS DEAD!). If your inquiry is regarding a claim, log in to your PayPal account and go to the Resolution Center.


PayPal Email ID 221-775-854

End of Scam email

You need to be on your toes as these guys get more and more clever in these scams. Best advise I have is:

  • Never keep more in your paypal account then you can afford to loose.
  • Forward all of these types of emails with full headers to (hopefully they really do work to get them shut down)
  • Always read the email to check for any irregularities
  • Only log into your accounts from a new browser window
  • Never use the same password for all of your accounts and change them regularly
  • Have current virus and spyware programs installed and make sure they are updated.
  • Most of all use common sense
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    eBay Plans To Force Small Sellers Out of Business

    Written by By: Ina Steiner
    Sat Sept 6 2008 21:29:36

    Points highlighted and tweeked by eBay Rag Mag

    eBay announced a Diamond-level PowerSeller tier in June, and as I blogged in mid-August, more corporate size companies will be joining and be allowed to list on the site for free. Now I’m hearing that eBay is introducing a pilot program next month in which a number of manufacturer and big-box retailer catalogs will be launched to eBay. Third-party vendors will work with these sellers to get them onto the eBay platform – no small feat given the quantity of product SKUs in their catalogs.

    These Diamond PowerSellers will be given special privileges. Commission (FVF) fees will be negotiated individually, and it’s my understanding that participants in this pilot will not be charged listing fees, nor will they have to meet eBay’s seller standards during the 90-day pilot program, which I’ve dubbed Operation Catalog.

    The potential Gross Merchandise Volume of these sellers is enormous, and it fills out eBay’s product line and helps it move toward providing a more uniform buying experience on the site, or so it hopes.

    The flood of inventory onto the site in October could have a major impact on certain sellers in categories affected. As I write in tomorrow’s editorial in AuctionBytes-Update, not only will some sellers find themselves competing with the manufacturer of the product they sell, but that competitor is getting free listings and better exposure.

    If Operation Catalog does roll out in October as expected, sellers will find themselves going up against competition they never knew existed, with no time to adjust their selling strategy during the all-important holiday shopping season.


    The general consensus among eBay power sellers is that this prospective change might explain…

    Limits on listing certain brand-name items
    Crackdown on trademark violations
    Crackdown on MSRP and MAP on certain brand names
    Elimination of Ebay Express
    Reverting neutral feedback back to neutral
    No more negative feedback for buyers
    Limits on shipping charges (to raise item price)
    Pushing free shipping (to raise item price)
    30-day FP listings (if you sell just 1 you can’t adjust the price)

    Looks like the big guys don’t want any “unfair” competition!

    Ware all wondering if this is also the reason behind the new payment recieving policies  being that of Pay Pal only.  These larger sellers are not going to be using paypal, so naturally the stay at home moms and single mothers will be the ones to pick up the tabs that the major corporations are building up.

    What the heck is wrong with DSRs?

    An eBay powerseller with a feedback rating of 1207 and has been a registered member since November 1998 writes:

    “What is going on yesterday and today? I get my discount, luckily. All of the sudden my shipping and handling charges are actually up to a 4.7 for the first time ever and today my stars are slammed, lower than Ebay on 3 out of 4. Anyone else notice this? Something is wrong.”

    General consensus of the responders appear to be in full agreement that due to lack of transparency eBay is manipulating the Detailed Seller Ratings feature. 

    In a public press release for stock holders in the very recent past, Mr Donahoe was quoted as saying the discounts given to powersellers who consistently perform well are hurting eBays’ bottom line and it was not a well thought out policy to offer discounts to those sellers.   Sever powersellers have been posting obvious manipulations with the DSR system with a flood of complaints reguarding false failed policies, major jumps in drops of calculated totals especially around the time when invoices are being calculated, and numerous disadvantages with item visibility as a result of incorrectly calculated DSR and dashboard tabulations.

    I myself, this author have also seen a major manipulation within the DSR system having gone from 5.0’s and 4.9’s down to 4.5’s and 4.6’s in a matter of seconds.  It is a travesty that eBays lack of consistency and abuses of their own systems are not being monitored by the feds as they should be.  This site effects millions of people world wide and has the postentional to do to eBay sellers what ENRON did to investors.  

    Within minutes of the original post, 60 ebay powersellers had responded that they also are experiencing questionable DSR scores and rankings.

    Big Changes Coming for eBay Discussion Forums?

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    An eBay powerseller with a feedback rating of 7355 and has been registered since December 1999 writes:

    “I have a very loose connection with a low level eBay employee. Without getting too specific, it’s basically a roommate of a shoe string relative. A third cousin who lives out in California.

    Anyway, I was talking to my Cuz on the phone during my brief vacation from the PS forum about some of the rancor that occurs on the boards. His roommate overheard part of the conversation and wanted to talk to me.

    The roommate got on the phone said there are some big changes in the works for the discussion boards.

    One of which is that eBay wants to get to a point where they don’t have to moderate the boards as closely. The other is that some of the higher ups think all the negative chatter that goes on is not good for eBay so they are going to limit it.

    To accomplish this they are going eliminate many of the non specific “chat” boards and introduce a grading system similar to DSR scores.

    The other is that they are going to limit “on topic” posts to technical and “how to” topics and disallow the rants that we’ve all come to love. Both on and off topic posts will be sorted differently than they are now. You will have to check a box indicating an on or off topic when starting a thread.

    It’s still being hammered out but how I understood it is that all posters will have an opportunity to grade a thread topic on a 1 thru 5 star system.. the question will be something like.. was this topic helpful and or relevent?

    Topics that score the highest will float to the top, similar to best match. Off topics will always be under “on topics” but they’ll be options to sort things to your choosing.. meaning you can click.. show me only off topics, then sub sorts, show me off topics with he most posts, etc etc. Like I said, it’s still being worked out.

    The other interesting change is that our responses to “on topic” posts will be graded. This sounds a little complicated but it really isn’t. Before your post shows up in the forum, the Original Poster has to grade it. It’s going to be a 2 or 3 part deal. Two for sure… IE,

    1) Is the response relevent? 2) Is the reponse courteous and respectful?

    eBay will keep score similar to DSR ratings only they will be blind (you or others won’t see your rating). Too low of a rating and you will be not allowed to respond to on topic threads. They’ll be an appeal process but not a very sympathetic one.

    This is being done to keep the tone of the on topic threads civil and to ferret out posters who are habitually snarky and unhelpful. It’s also makes the threads self moderated freeing up eBay employees for other things.

    Off topic threads topics won’t be graded nor will the posts be graded. eBay plans to recruit some floating moderaters who are long time eBay members in good standing and don’t have a record of being reported. They’ll be compensated in some way that hasn’t been worked out yet.

    They’ll still be a report button on the non topic posts, but the report will generate an email to an assigned moderator rather than to an eBay employee. The assigned moderator will send bulk type reports to an eBay moderator.

    There’s more. I wish I would have written some of it it down. I even called the person back and asked more questions.

    Is this all really going to happen? I’m not sure. My disclaimer is that I’ve been off my meds, it might have all been a dream, I sometimes have an overwhelming urge to tell a gigantic fib. Time will tell the tale. Or has it been told?”

    It is the eBay Rags Mags’ opinion that with all of in the infighting among sellers, all of the brutal and cut throat competitive tactics between sellers and all of the nastiness that occurs behind the scenes that buyers are not aware of,  this is just another platform for abuse.   eBay sellers can now get their competition thrown off eBay for disagreeing with a post that no matter how relevent and helpful it is.

    Way to go eBay!

    September 1, 2008

    What is with the attitude lately?

    An eBay Powerseller with a feedback number of 2787 and has been a registered member on eBay since March 15, 2001 writes:

    “Is it just my luck? or have you been getting “attitude” from customers? It seems lately they don’t ask any questions, but start out with a demand/belittle or just plain un-civil (off course not all, but what happened to the occasional moron?).   I try to be polite and accommodating (swallow my pride), but one of these days the glass will be full.”

    General consensus throughout the thread seem to be agreeable to the idea that since the new feedback policy has been introduced, buyers as a whole are tending to be generally rude, and increasingly insulting and demanding.

    One seller suggests, “I think it just results from the current state of the world wherein everything you need to do is a fight and battle, from dealing with your credit card company, your bank, your cell phone bill, or any thing to do with the government, or a return to any major retail store, no one seems to be able to provide efficient courteous customer service any more. People are becoming so accustomed to every little thing being a war, that they are just cocked and primed for it from the get go. ”  and another seller insight-fully adds his observation of the newly of age American culture as a whole, ” think manners disappeared – so even nice people have learned to be pushy to get by.”

    We’re not going to respond to that with the usual, “that’s the result of the politicians, parents and unruly students and teachers that created the  dumming of America scenario is it?”  We see no problem with our delinquent and illiterate society.  No problems to be addressed here!

    eBay Clothing Sellers Ban Together For Hurricanes

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    In an eBay community message board thread located in the category of Clothing, Shoes and Accessories entitled “Hurricane Buddies.. Sign in here!”, clothing sellers from all parts of the United States have banded together to lend a helping cyberhand to those affected by the hurricanes. 

    The author of the thread writes, “For those that haven’t been on eBay for a hurricane season yet, the premise behind the “Hurricane Buddy” is to keep an eye on each others’ ending auctions & contact the winning bidders just in case they are not aware that their seller is in a Hurricane zone… in the event that the seller can not get to a computer“.

    Participants of the buddy system thread are posting hurricane and tropical storm updates along with the use of visual aids such as updated maps of storm tracks and photos of affected communities.

    The buddy system appears to be restricted to only the clothing sellers which leads us here at eBay’s Rag Mag why sellers from other categories are not showing such unity.  The clothing sellers are known for their outrageous battles and power struggles among stay at home moms, yet they were able to put those battles aside where it really counts.  An example that sellers from other categories may consider following in the future.

    August 29, 2008

    Federal Court’s Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement

    Steele et al. v. PayPal, Inc. et al., Civil Action No. 1:05-CV-01720 (ILG)(VVP)

    Notice from Federal Court. Please Read.

    You may be eligible to receive a benefit from a class action settlement if you funded a PayPal transaction using a source other than your credit card between February 1, 2004 and the present.

    A federal court has directed that this notice be sent to inform you of a proposed class action settlement. Records show that you may be eligible to receive a benefit under the proposed settlement.

    The settlement will resolve a lawsuit against eBay Inc. and PayPal, Inc. (collectively, “Defendants”) involving claims arising out of representations in the PayPal User Agreement regarding PayPal’s policies and practices for responding to refund requests from those customers who pay for transactions through PayPal using funds from funding sources other than credit cards. Under the settlement, Defendants have agreed to establish a settlement fund of $3.5 million to pay claims to potential class members. The proposed Class is defined as:

    all U.S. based PayPal account holders who funded a PayPal transaction after February 1, 2004, using a source other than a credit card: (i) who subsequently requested a reversal of the transaction through PayPal’s prevailing Buyer Complaint Policy and/or Buyer Protection Policy (collectively, “Policies”); (ii) who did not receive a refund equal to 100% of their transaction payment in response to such request from PayPal or their bank; and (iii) who, through the timely submission of a Claim Form under oath, attest to a reasonable and good faith belief that they would have received a full reversal of such payment had they used a valid credit card in their possession at the time of the subject transaction to fund the payment and filed a timely chargeback request with their credit card issuing bank. Excluded from the Class are any judicial officer to whom this Litigation is assigned; PayPal, eBay and any of its affiliates; any current or former employees, officers, or directors of PayPal or eBay; any Persons currently residing outside of the United States; and, all Persons who timely and validly request exclusion from the Class pursuant to the Notice.

    To see if you are a Class Member and to obtain full notice of the Settlement, the required procedures, the deadlines, your obligations, and your options, you must visit This email is only a brief summary of the full notice that is posted on the website.

    If you are an eligible Settlement Class Member, you have rights, obligations, and options under the proposed settlement. You have until December 14, 2008 to file your Claim Form and Certification Form. Your legal rights are affected whether you act or not.

    1.     Submit The Claim Form And The Certification Form By Mail

    This is the only way to get a settlement payment. You must: (1) print and fill out the Claim Form and return it by mail to the address provided on the Claim Form; and (2) print the Certification Page of your Claim Form, sign it, and return it by mail to the address provided on the Claim Form. Your Claim Form and signed Certification Page must be mailed and postmarked no later than December 14, 2008. For more information on these deadlines, the Effective Date of the settlement, the Claim Form procedures, and the settlement benefit, you must visit

    2.     Exclude Yourself – Opt Out of the Settlement

    If you do not want to remain a member of the Class and participate in the Amended Settlement, then you may exclude yourself (opt-out) from the Class by mailing or delivering (email is not permitted) your written request. Your original, signed request for exclusion must be RECEIVED on or before October 31, 2008 and mailed to the following address:

    PayPal/Steele Class Action Settlement
    c/o The Garden City Group, Inc.
    P.O. Box 9309
    Dublin, OH 43017-4209

    Your request for exclusion must contain your name and address, be signed by you, and include the reference “Steele et al. v. PayPal, Inc. et al., Civil Action No. 1:05-CV-01720.” If you exclude yourself from the Class, you will not participate in the Amended Settlement and will not receive any payment from the Amended Settlement.

    3.     Object

    Write to the Court about why you do not like the settlement. Your objection must be filed with the Clerk of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Brooklyn Main Office, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, New York 11201, no later than October 31, 2008. Pursuant to the Court’s Order, you may not be heard on or entitled to contest the Court’s decision unless you have filed written objections no later than October 31, 2008. A hearing (“Settlement Hearing”) shall be held before Hon. I Leo Glasser on November 17, 2008 at 10:00 a.m. at the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York, Courtroom 8B South, 225 Cadman Plaza East, Brooklyn, New York 11201.

    4.     Do Nothing

    You will automatically be included in the Settlement Class and give up your right to be part of any other lawsuit about the claims in this case, but you will not be eligible to receive a settlement benefit unless you submit a Claim Form.

    To get complete information about the proposed Settlement, the required procedures, the deadlines, your obligations, and your options, you must visit

    Please do not contact PayPal, or PayPal’s customer support about this Notice, or the Settlement. Instead, you must visit for complete information about the proposed Settlement, the required procedures, the deadlines, your obligations, and your options.

    Please do not reply to this message. We are unable to respond to inquiries sent in reply to this email. To contact us, please access the official settlement website at

    August 26, 2008

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    Class action law suit: Unwelcome & Malicious bidding policy

    An anonymous powerseller is seeking other eBay sellers whose business reputation has been damaged by lack of enforcement of eBays’ Unwelcome & Malicious bidding policy.

    This policy states that sellers may exclude buyers at any time prior to the listing close and are free to cancel unwelcome bids.  After a seller has cancelled a bid, the bidder may not place a new bid without the seller’s permission.  Buyers who do not meet the seller’s terms as outlined in the item listing also are not permitted to bid on or buy the item.

    Additionally, members are prohibited from bidding on or purchasing an item to disrupt or to leave non-positive Feedback or Detailed Seller Ratings for the seller, with no intention of completing the transaction.

    Sellers are permitted to exclude bidders at any time prior to the listing close and are free to cancel unwelcome bids.  After a seller has cancelled a bid, the bidder may not place a new bid without the seller’s permission.

    Failure to meet a seller’s terms


    • Seller states item will only be shipped domestically. Buyer is registered outside the shipping area.
    • Seller states that buyers with negative feedback comments are not permitted to bid. The buyer has negative feedback.

    Buying with the intent to disrupt a listing Examples:

    • Buyer places a bid that greatly exceeds the value of the item in order to prevent a sale.
    • Buyer bids on multiple items listed by a seller without intent to complete the sale.
    • Buyer attempts to purchase an item after having been placed on a seller’s blocked bidders list.

    The policy sites violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:

  • Listing cancellation
  • Limits on account privileges
  • Account suspension
  • Forfeit of eBay fees on cancelled listings
  • Loss of PowerSeller status

  • Why does eBay have this policy?

    This policy is intended to protect the integrity of the eBay marketplace by prohibiting conduct that would interfere with the completion or performance of eBay transactions.

  • Point 1:  eBay is choosing to look the other way when bidders violate this policy.  eBay refuses to cancel the listing thus allowing the Unwelcome & Malicious bidders to participate in the feedback process including the Detailed Seller Ratings portion of the feedback system.  eBays’ stance on the matter (in writing) is feedback removal is not an option even though the bidder has violated site wide policy.

    Point 2:  Policy wording in the range of action portion is not addressing bidding activity, it is addressing seller activity.  A seller is not doing the bidding, a bidder is doing the bidding.

    Point 3:  By lack of enforcement of this policy eBay is sending the message that Unwelcome & Malicious bidding is encouraged and it is acceptable to committ libelous acts on their site .  Unwelcome and Malicious bidders may be unaware of the policy or they may be a scorned buyer or even a ruthless competitor.

    Point 4:  Sellers are being denied their appropriate search standing, and their appropriate selling fee discounts thus causing financial hardships.

    Point 5: Sellers are losing their accounts causing financial hardships, undue stress and damage to their business reputations.

    The anonymous seller has attempted to address this issue through appropriate channels at ebay, first starting with the Safe Harbour Department, the Feedback department and Powerseller e-mail & phone support.  The anonymous seller escalated the issue to eBays’ office of the President who acknowledges that the actions displayed by their site  staff  is inconsistent and unfair, yet refuse to make the necessary changes and maintain that the bids of any unwelcome and (or) malicious bidder will stand and the transaction will remain valid.  eBay representatives also maintain that although it has been determined that the bidder has violated policy and should not have been allowed to place their bid, all feedback they leave will stand.

    We have discovered a live recording from Griffs call-in radio show where he is in full agreement that the actions of eBay staff is condradictory in nature and the policy needs to be revisited.  Unfortunately, as griff states, he is not God, and even Griff was unable to convince ebay executives to understand that they are out of line.  Griff  is the “eBay Ambassador”. He is the most visible and well know eBay media spokesperson and claims to be an advocate for buyers and sellers when they have encountered inappopriate behavior committed by eBays’ staff.  Griff also functions as Dean of eBay Education.

    Lack of enforcement of this policy destroys the integrity of the eBay marketplace by permitting conduct that would interfere with the completion or performance of eBay transactions.

    August 23, 2008

    Top 25 eBay Sellers Ranked by Feedback

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    casacaiman ( 371307)  Not a registered user recieved their last feedback in August of 2007 so we here at The eBay Rag Mag are wondering how this seller figures in to the equation of being the number 19 seller in the “top 25 seller” list.

    glacierbaydvd ( 358326)  Not a registered user recieved their last feedback in Febuary 2006 so we here at the eBay Rag Mag are wondering how this seller figures in to the equation of being the number 21 seller in the “top 25 seller” list.

    It is our opinion that just as feedback is removed from an eBay users’ profile (when it benefits eBay) when a peer goes unregistered, these dummy powerseller accounts should be removed from the equation as well, especially since both of these sellers were removed from eBay for non-performance.

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