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October 2, 2008

Slow traffic today? eBay Powerseller notices rapid decline in site traffic

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A powerseller with a feedback number of 4663 and has been registered on eBy since June 2006 writes:

“Not many sales today, so I checked my traffic report. I usually have 1,200-1,500 unique visits per day. Today so far I’ve only had about 400 unique visitors.

Then I went to view it hour by hour, everything was significantly low compared to yesterday and all month. It was scary to see that yesterday I got 88 unique visitors from 2PM-3PM, and during the same time today I only had ONE unique visitor.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it that nobody wants to purchase musical instruments today?”

His post was preceeded by the following reaction from his poerseller peers;

Powerseller with 1300+ feedback writes:  “I have been having 200-300 unique visits daily – but today, a whopping 19! Something is wrong. ”

Shooting star powerseller writes: “I haven’t sold a thing since Sunday.”  (His post was written on Wednesday)

Shooting star powerseller writes: “Very Slow today!!”


August 12, 2008

DSR’s: FAILING policy compliance

An Ebay Powerseller with a feedback number of 1784 and a 100% feedback percentage writes:  I was wondering if anybody else experienced this after the DSR problem was fixed this past weekend. I have been showing as PASSING policy compliance since the dashboard was implemented and now it says FAILING. I had one policy violation with the date shown of 11/24/07. That is still the only violation that I am aware of or have been notified of and shows up under that section. I thought they rolled off after 90 days? And why all of a sudden the failing? I sent an email but haven’t heard back yet. Anybody else have this problem?

The responses? 

Hundreds of ebays top 10% sellers are being told that they are failing despite the fact that most of them don’t have any violations and never did.

The miscalculations, the undeserved punishments and falsely placed disadvantages on undeserving sellers  continues as does the loss of thousands of dollars in daily sales.

August 3, 2008

“A very scary trend I am seeing from ebays biggest powersellers!”

“A very scary trend I am seeing from ebays biggest powersellers!”

An unnamed powerseller writes to his peers that he is begining to see a pattern in the amount of Shooting Star (long standing high volume sellers)  sellers that are increasingly becoming unregistered users within the last few weeks.

Within the discussion several fellow powersellers speculate the possible reasons behind the sudden increase:

1)  Ebay is attempting to weed out the smaller seller to make room for the larger, corporate type of business such as

2)  Higher volume Powersellers are choosing to leave Ebay for greener Pasteur’s i.e. their own websites, taking their regular Ebay buyers with them.

3) Higher volume and (or) larger Powersellers are incapable of changing their sales strategy quickly enough to keep up with Ebays fast paced changes, and begin the spiral into a forced the No Longer A Registered Userstatus.   The constant change in the set of variables is driving them into bankruptcy or major disorganisation at the very least.

* One seller points out to another that the way to know if a seller has been forced into closure or if it was an elected decision is because the seller who chooses to unregister his business name, the name will change to to a series of mixed letters and numbers,  but if they are forced into the No Longer A Registered User status their business name appears unchanged.

4)   The “enhanced ebay buyer experience” which offers sellers nothing less than higher fees,  a dramatic decrease in customer service for sellers by ebay support,  less and less concern by Ebay for fraudulent buying,  and “devious games to chase the last dime of final value fees from ebay sellers and totally dishonest, one way feedback that encourages buyer fraud”.

Over-all, the sellers can agree that Ebay has become a volatile place to be running a business at this time, and with each day that passes they never know what slap in the face they will be getting tomorrow.

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