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October 2, 2008

Slow traffic today? eBay Powerseller notices rapid decline in site traffic

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A powerseller with a feedback number of 4663 and has been registered on eBy since June 2006 writes:

“Not many sales today, so I checked my traffic report. I usually have 1,200-1,500 unique visits per day. Today so far I’ve only had about 400 unique visitors.

Then I went to view it hour by hour, everything was significantly low compared to yesterday and all month. It was scary to see that yesterday I got 88 unique visitors from 2PM-3PM, and during the same time today I only had ONE unique visitor.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or is it that nobody wants to purchase musical instruments today?”

His post was preceeded by the following reaction from his poerseller peers;

Powerseller with 1300+ feedback writes:  “I have been having 200-300 unique visits daily – but today, a whopping 19! Something is wrong. ”

Shooting star powerseller writes: “I haven’t sold a thing since Sunday.”  (His post was written on Wednesday)

Shooting star powerseller writes: “Very Slow today!!”


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